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For both landlords and tenants involved in commercial property rental, a Schedule of Condition is vital with regards to the payment of any sums upon the expiry of a tenancy. Neither party wants to be left in a position where they could face unexpected or unreasonable charges; so it’s essential that the relevant documentation is taken care of.

Our building surveyors in Sheffield have extensive experience in the preparation of the required content and will do their utmost to ensure that your interests are protected. They will do this by undertaking a full inspection survey of the designated site on your behalf, which is comprehensive in its coverage.

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Experienced Commercial Building Surveyors Sheffield

When carrying out a Schedule of Condition for you, we’ll take care to painstakingly record the condition of each part of the property in question; making clear any defects that are found. These are always noted and usually photographed as well, so that the condition of a property can be fully documented at any given time.

surveyors sheffield sheaf bankOur chartered surveyorsin Sheffield will commonly carry out a Schedule of Condition either at the time, or prior to the commencement of a new tenancy. Whilst this helps put into practice a plan to deal with any issues raised at the time a tenancy expires; we can also undertake one of these surveys at any point during the tenancy.

The Benefits of a Schedule of Condition

Providing concrete proof of the state of a commercial property, Schedules of Condition form the key basis of the negotiation of any sums the tenant must pay upon the expiration of their tenancy. The benefits of sorting out this documentation are significant:

- Helps to settle landlord claims for damages and dilapidations

- Helps the tenant to show that they’ve left the premises they’ve been renting in at least the state required

- Provides evidence for the landlord to show that damage caused to a property is attributable to the tenant that’s been renting it

- Prevents tenants from being made responsible for damages they were unaware of at the start of a tenancy; which can save them thousands of pounds

- Dated pictures provide photographic evidence to back up claims being made by either party

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Mack Rae Sheffield Surveyors

If you’re a landlord or tenant concerned that you need to take care of Schedule of Condition documentation, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sheffield surveyors today. We’ll be able to provide you with the advice you need and help you put a plan in place to cover your finances and assets.

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