Landlord & Tenant

For landlords and tenants seeking the advice of a chartered property surveyor, we can assist with a variety of issues. We can help both parties to seek effective solutions to difficulties that have arisen; whilst we can also help prevent problems arising through careful and effective preparation:

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Rent Review

Helping landlords to adjust the rent on their premises in line with the current market value at the review date, rent review can be influenced by a variety of factors. Rent is commonly increased in line with inflation on a periodic basis. We can help negotiate a fair deal for those involved.

Lease Renewals

chartered surveyor stairs perspectiveTenants may have the right to review their business lease, but this can be affected by a number of mitigating factors. Our chartered surveyors in Sheffield can help you understand what these may be and advise you on issues such as why breaching rent payments may affect tenant rights with lease renewals.

Schedules of Condition

Designed to document the condition of a building or property for legal purposes, a Schedule of Condition forms a quantifiable basis for the negotiation of any payable sums at the end of a tenancy. These may be due from the tenant to settle any landlord claims for damages and dilapidations.

Schedules of Dilapidation

Best carried out by a Mack Rae chartered surveyor Sheffield, a Schedule of Dilapidation is normally issued by a landlord towards the end of a lease to a tenant. It will list any items in need of repair which the tenant is obligated to deal with in line with the conditions of a commercial lease.

Service Charges

commercial building surveyor property side angleThroughout a tenancy, a landlord may look to recover a contribution from the tenant to assist with the costs of ongoing maintenance, repairs or the provision of certain services; such as lighting, refuse, heating and cleaning. We can help you to understand how to make any charges work amicably.

Assignments and Sub-Lettings

There will commonly be clauses within commercial leases to cover the needs of tenants wishing to assign or sublet a lease to another party. In order for this to work successfully the landlord must respond to obligations and the tenant needs to abide by the designated conditions, usually set out prior to the initiation of a tenancy.

Budget Advice

As chartered surveyors in Sheffield with vast experience working within the trade, we are well placed to provide our clients with comprehensive financial advice. We can help to manage your property more efficiently and ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

Commercial Lease Issues

commercial chartered surveyors gatedThroughout a commercial property lease, there are often difficulties that can occur surrounding the terms. We can help you to understand both the likelihood of these and the trouble they could cause you. Our team will be able to assist you with everything from rent arrears to dilapidations.

Repair Obligations

Understanding why you may be responsible for the repairs of the property you are either renting or letting out, can help you to put preventative measures in place - or deal with any problems that have arisen. Schedules of Condition and dilapidations will often prove of relevance for this.

Speak to a Chartered Surveyor Sheffield

To find out more about any of the issues covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our expert team will be able to advise you further on how best to proceed with any difficulties that you may be having; or even just provide you with professional advice on how you can prevent problems arising.

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